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This study aims to determine the preference of consumers regarding the means of mass media for nutrition information, their follow-up frequency of nutrition information and reasons, as well as their conditions to apply and evaluate the acquired knowledge. This descriptive study was carried out in Konya city center by using general screening method on 575 consumers (272 male and 303 female). The preference of consumers for means of mass media was determined respectively as TV (29.1%), Newspaper-Magazine (25.7%), Radio (23.0%) and Internet (22.1%). Consumers were determined to follow nutrition information through mass media on daily and weekly basis (52.5%) to protect their health (64.0%). It was found that consumers apprehensively (64.9%) and scientifically apply their nutrition information in mass media and use their knowledge on recipe (52.4%) and nutrition safety (58.8%). In the study, it was concluded that the nutrition information in mass media should be made more understandable and scientific. Consumers with adequate knowledge on nutrient and nutrition could make critical assessments on the information published in the mass media. Therefore, alimentation studies should be promoted both in formal and informal education institutions. Relevant society and associations should take active role to improve the relationship between Publishers, reporters, and news source as well as the cooperation between scientists.

Key Words: Nutrition, information sources, mass media, consumers

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