Karadeniz International Scientific Journal

This is an internationally refereed social science journal that is published every three months (quarterly) in electronic-based and print-based since 2009. The journal publishes four issues each year (March, June, September, and December).

The publication language of this journal is Turkish, English, or Russian.

This is an open-access journal. Therefore, all issues and articles published so far can be accessed free of charge from the journal's website.


Aim & Scope


Black Sea International Scientific Journal on Social Sciences aims to make contributions to the production and dissemination of academic studies in the field of all social disciplines. It also has the aim of introducing various social scientists and their works to the academic world.


Black Sea International Scientific Journal on Social Sciences accepts theoretical, applied, experimental or compilation studies in Turkish, English and/or Russian in the following disciplines.

  1. Philology and sub-disciplines;
  2. Pedagogy and sub-disciplines;
  3. Sociology and sub-disciplines;
  4. Philosophy and sub-disciplines;
  5. Psychology and sub-disciplines;
  6. Folklore and sub-disciplines;
  7. Literature and sub-disciplines;
  8. Art History and sub-disciplines;
  9. Archeology and sub-disciplines;
  10. History and sub-disciplines;
  11. Economics and sub-disciplines;
  12. Administation and sub-disciplines;
  13. International Relations, Political Sciences, Public Management and sub-disciplines;
  14. Culturology;
  15. Research Methodology and Techniques.

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