Karadeniz International Scientific Journal

This is an internationally refereed social science journal that is published every three months (quarterly) in electronic-based and print-based since 2009. The journal publishes four issues each year (March, June, September, and December).

The publication language of this journal is Turkish, English, or Russian.

This is an open-access journal. Therefore, all issues and articles published so far can be accessed free of charge from the journal's website.


Open Access

Open access refers to a publishing and information distribution model that allows broad, free access to scientific research findings, academic articles, conference papers, theses, and other scholarly content. Open access aims to provide fair and equal access to knowledge in the academic world.

The key principles of open access include:

  1. Free Access: Open access content should be accessible to everyone free of charge. Readers or researchers should be able to access these resources without any cost.
  2. Licensing and Copyright: Open access content is often published under specific licenses that determine how the content can be used and shared. Creative Commons licenses are commonly used to regulate the use of open access content and protect copyright.
  3. Open Publication: Open access content is typically published through academic journals, databases, or institutional websites. These resources provide access to the international research community.
  4. Scientific Collaboration: Open access encourages researchers to collaborate globally. Scientific knowledge and results become viewable and usable by a wider audience.
  5. Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI): BOAI is a fundamental reference point for open access. The "Budapest Open Access Initiative Declaration," published in 2002, outlines the basic principles and values of open access and calls for the widespread adoption of open access.

Open access serves as an effective tool for sharing scientific knowledge and providing access to scientific developments across society. This approach, especially when supported by guidelines such as those provided by BOAI and Creative Commons licenses, promotes transparency and collaboration. Researchers, educators, students, and the general public can easily access and use open access content based on these principles.


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