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Orhan Pamuk's novel The Museum of Innocence was published in Turkish by İletişim Publishing in 2008. The novel, which is shaped through the love between Kemal and Füsun, is an example of the centring of couples who try to live in love while remaining between their social statuses, which is the subject of the Turkish novel.

Orhan Pamuk, who crowned his 41-year novel adventure with many awards, is a world-renowned writer. The first Nobel Prize-winning author of Turkish literature, Pamuk's works have been translated into many languages, including Georgian. Due to the translation of his works into various languages, the author brings his own culture together with different cultures by finding readers in different languages. He realises his acquisition in that culture through translation. Georgian readers, who meet Orhan Pamuk's works through translation, follow the author's current works. Translation, which enables intercultural communication, enables the Georgian society to read the author with appreciation and follow his works with love.

In this study, the issue of “lexical elements expressing moral values” in the Georgian translation of Museum of Innocence will be analysed. Eǩaṭerine Aḫvlediani (ეკატერინე ახვლედიავლედიანი) translated Orhan Pamuk's novel The Museum of Innocence into Georgian. The lexical items expressing moral values in the novel will be given in tables together with the sentences in the source text (Museum of Innocence) and the sentences in the target text (უმანკოების მუზეუმი/ umanǩoebis muzeumi). The lexical items expressing moral values in the work will be analysed under two headings: positive and negative. Georgian-Turkish (Ǩvanṭaliani, 2010) and Georgian-Turkish (Arısoy, 2010) dictionaries will be utilised and the identified words will be given with their word meanings.

Keywords: Orhan Pamuk, Museum of Innocence, Turkish, Georgian Language, Morality.

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