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Ayşe Özfer ÖZÇELİK

This research is planned and conducted in order to determine the eating habits of the university students who stay at dormitories. This research is conducted on 369 students consisting of 234 females and 126 males whose ages range between 17 and 39 years and living at Emniyet dormitory in Ankara. The research data were collected through a questionnaire and face to face interviews. Gender was considered as variables in the study. Data were evaluated by using Chi-Square Significance Test (X2). Body weight of 73.7% of the students were found to be normal according to Body-Mass Index. 13.6% of the students stated that they do not have any health problems, 24.1% of them stated that they smoke and 33.1% of the students implied that they  use  alcohol.  52.6%  of  the  students  who  took  part  in  the  research consume three main meals while 41.2% of those consume two main meals and 6.2% consume only one main mail in a day. The percentage of the students who have a snack during a day is 79.1%. The percentage of the female students who skip a meal out of three main meals was found to be more than those of male students. The ratio of female students who skip all the main meal to lose weight higher than male students. The percentage of the students who always or frequently eat something late in the night was found to be 50.7%. The number of main meals and the snacks of the participant students was found to be inadequate.

Key Words: Nutrition habits, food, university student, dormitory, Ankara 

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