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LAILA MAJNUN STORYIN GEORGIANLITERATURE (From thepoint ofview, the concept ofthe archetype ofliterary relationships)


Georgian literature has a wealthy legacy in terms of archetypal themes which have been taken from the traditions of Eastern literatures, archetypal characters and archetypal symbols. In the article, analysis about the manzume “Leyli-Mecnunname” which belongs to 17th century Georgian poet “Teymuraz the 1st” can be found. The aim is to achieve genuine scientific results by the new scientific attempts with the purpose of determining the archetypal sources of the manzume. New results were explained in the article if the work is a conversation, plagiarism or original; which author or authors mostly inspired of the work. In the article, archetypal effects to the Leyli-Mecnunname by the matnawi “Leyli and Majnun” by Nizami Genceli who was a famous poet of the Azerbaijan in 12th century has been emphasized. In the article, poems by Georgian authors Grişaşvili, Georgi Leonidze, Ana Kalandadze, Cansuğ Çarkviani and some other authors which are based on Leyli-Mecnun theme structures and characters are also included to the analysis at the archetypal level in the literary relations.

Key Words: Georgian literature, Layla, Majnun, archetype

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