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The article is dedicated to the analysis of the poem “Gulustan” in which Bakhtiyar Vahabzade deals about fate of Azerbaijan divided into two parts. The investigation shows that the poetic genius and poetry of Bakhtiyar Vahabzade was a great art and literary activity. The name ofpoem indicates an agreement which was made between Russians and Persians (Russia with Iran) in the settlement ofGulustan in 1813. Those who strike with an axe to the historic destiny of Azerbaijan have been indicated with their own names and addresses. In the Soviet period the agreement, which was made between Russian and Iran in 1813, was tried to be shown mainly by the government as if the remaining of the North of Azerbaijan within the territory of former Russian empire was a situation providing happiness to Azerbaijan people . But Bakhtiyar Vahabzade by opening the inner face ofthis politics in his poetry objected to these lies in politics, disclosed them obviously and demonstrated the disastrous situation of divided Azerbaijan between the “glasses” Russian and “thichbeard” Persian. As a result ofthe investigation, Soviet Empire’s being a prison for people, executing so many millions ofpeople without any cause in the Stalinism was reflected in the under layer ofthe poem.

Key Words: B.Vahabzade, Azerbaijan Literature, Gulustan, Soviet empire

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