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Şerife ÖZER


Proverbs and idioms are the most impressive products of the language and a striking indicator of the practical function of language. Turkish, one of the oldest languages ​​in the world, has created a rich metaphor in Tokat as in every city of Anatolia. However, it has been observed that the younger generation has moved away from this vocabulary, and these words are mostly used by older people. The aim of this study is not to identify proverbs and idioms but  to contribute to our cultural heritage by determining and recording the proverbs and idioms that are used in the town of Karakaya in Erbaa ,TOKAT but not included in the "Dictionary of Proverbs and Idioms in Regional Dialects", which was published under the supervision of Ömer Asım Aksoy,in "Turkish Proverbs", whic has recently published bu Nurettin Albayrak, in "Common Proverbs of Turkish World" by Özkul Çobanoğlu and not even found in computer scans. For this purpose; in the study by using interwiew, classification, compilation,scanning and sounding methods ,determined proverbs and idioms are listed in alphabetical order, by explaining their meanings and by giving example sentences for the situations in which the idioms are used. Their pronunciation with Tokat dialect is also shown using transliteration signs. Their usage in standard Turkish is given in paranthesis. In Tokat, which was settled by the Cuman Turks and has a deep-rooted history, where an epic called Danishmend-name was written; It is thought that this scientific study, made by using the method of interview, classification, compilation, scanning and sounding, will be useful for researchers who will study in the field of Turkish folk culture and Turkish language.

Keywords: Proverb, Idiom, Compilation, Karayaka, Tokat, Turkish

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