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Along with the developing technology, the increase in the use of mobile devices and the change in people's lifestyles have also changed the usage habits of the product or service. For this reason, a rapid transition from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing is observed in many sectors. This transition is also experienced in tourism enterprises. While traditional marketing poses a challenge for small and medium businesses (SMEs) around the world due to its cost, digital marketing provides many platforms for small and medium businesses to raise awareness of the product they offer to consumers due to its relatively low cost. In this context, digital marketing tools such as e-mail, mobile marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click and online advertising activities have started to be used in the tourism sector.The subject of the study is the effects on sales of the use of digital marketing tools by tourism SMEs in the Core Cappadocia region. The data obtained for the purpose of determining the uses and impacts were obtained as a result of the questionnaire applied to the owners or managers in 48 accommodation enterprises, which have been defined as SME in the Core Cappadocia region. The collected data were analysed with SPSS 21 package program. It has been determined that there is a positive significant relationship between the usage of digital marketing tools and their effects on sales, and there is no significant change in the annual turnover of the enterprises after the use of digital marketing tools. In addition, it has been determined that the use of digital marketing tools does not differ significantly according to the availability of a marketing department.

Keywords: Digital Marketing, Sales Effect, Accommodation Enterprises, Tourism SMEs, Core Cappadocia

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