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Selami İNCE, Murat KARAKOÇ

Human Resources, one of the main elements of the management, is an indispensable part of the organization. Subjective well-being and aggression are important indicators in evaluating efficiency, effectiveness, motivation and performance, it is extremely important to put forward these indicators that will bring success in human resources amangement and to make the necessary evaluations on them. Employees in some jobs may experience more stress than others during their work, including ambulance service staff. It is evaluated that subjective well-being, which is life satisfaction, and aggressive attitudes that usually emerge as a result of an explosion of anger and aim to harm another person will be in opposite relationship with each other. The aim of this research is to examine the possible negative relationship between Subjective Well-being and Aggression Level in Batman Provincial Ambulance Service and to reveal the mentioned relationship and connection in private the service employees and in general in the public. For the purpose, data were collected with the literature review, as a quantitative scientific research Method, and the survey technique as a data collection tool. It is applied to the personnel working at Batman 112 emergency health services in 2020. In this context, research and Publication ethics were complied with, and the decision of the Ethical Principles and Ethics Committee of Bitlis Eren University dated 9/3/2020 and numbered 2020/02-III was taken. In the study, the aggression attitude level was found to be low and subjective well-being was found to be high for each demographic feature and each subgroup of these characteristics.

Keywords: Public Administration, Human Resources Management, Subjective well-being, Aggression, Batman Provincial Ambulance Service

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