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Seyfullah GÜL

Weavings are cultural heritage values that strongly reflect the lifestyles, socioeconomic structures, patterns of behaviour and local identities of societies. The spatial distribution and the spatial variety of this cultural product vary greatly from region to regional the standpoint of historical structure, environment, culture and distribution relations.In the article, the emergence and development of the weaving culture in the Vezirköprü region in terms of cultural geography is discussed. The aim of this study is to contribute to the preservation of this cultural heritage by establishing the historical structure of the weaving cultures in the region, revealing the characteristics of the weaving culture and creating a weaving inventory belonging to the region. It is also aimed to describe the spatial distribution and spatial diversity of the weaving culture in the region by introducing the geographical environmental components which are effective in the formation and embodiment of the weaving cultures in the region. In this research which focuses on revealing the potential and characteristics of weaving culture of Vezirköprü region and helping to attract attention to the region, the results of literature review, source interviews, field reviews and observation are used. Weaving in Vezirköprü is a cultural heritage that preserves its existence for hundreds of years since Iron Age. The raw materials used in the woven products in the region, the size, shape and patterns of the woven products are different from each other. Weaving culture in the region divided into three groups: (a) Susuz Bezi weaving, (b) Soruh Valley rug, saddlebag, sock and beaded crown weaving and, (c) Özyörük Village nomad weaving, rubbing rugs and sack weaving. The difference is due to the fact that the weaving cultures on the site are dated to the Iron Age, region is hosted by different cultures (Hittite, Phrygian, Roman, Byzantine, Turkish) throughout history and the geographical environment components.

Key Words: Culture, Cultural Heritage,Weaving, Vezirkopru, Cultural Geography.


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