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This article is devoted to the study of the "myth of sacrifice" in a wide historical, cultural and mythological discourse, on the actual linguistic material of the texts of the Russian historical novel and Bulgarian literature of the 19th century. This approach provides an opportunity to identify the points of contact and intersection of the mythopoetics of individual national literary models in the context of the historical contact of cultures. Within the framework of precisely these parameters, we came to the consideration of the Russian historical novellas ’’About the grandeur of the reigning great city of Moscow, which will be conceived first’’ (XVII c.) and ’’Tales of the murder of Daniel Suzdal and the beginning of Moscow’’ (XVII c.), ’’The Tale of Tver’’ (XVII century) and the poem ’’The Source of the Belonogaya’’ (XIX c.), the founder of the Bulgarian realistic poetry Petko Slaveikov in the context of intertextual relations. The focus of our study also includes some definitions, which in our opinion are important from the point of view of the genealogy of "sacrifice" and "zamurovyvaniya" in the construction of a new city or new buildings. In the course of the work it was established that, because of the stratification of the semantic meanings of "sacrifice", "immolation" in the cultural-historical diachronic plan, the texts containing the above motives function in different contexts and cause different reflections inherent in each separate cultural. Within this framework, it was also established that "sacrifice" and "immolation" in the construction of a new city or new buildings is a rooted strategy of mythological thinking "in the spiritual mentality of both Russian and South Slavic peoples.

Key Words: "Myth Of Sacrifice", Russian Historical Novellas, Bulgarian Literature, Intertextual Relations.



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