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The phenomenon of violence, which dates back to the first humans, has a complex structure regarding its individual and social elements. Violence, which we can define as intentional acts that aim to cause personal or collective harm to any living being, has continued throughout history as an action identified with human beings. Psychological violence, which is based on the emotional oppression of the individual, is one of the most common types of violence that we encounter in our daily lives. These elements of violence, which are often unrecognized because they are not visible, like physical violence, have taken on different functions in literary products and have been embodied in various ways. In addition to a wide range of subjects ranging from the daily life of Oghuzs to their struggle against the enemy, the elements of psychological violence have also found a place with different functions in the Dede Korkut Tales, which have an important place in terms of the history of Turkish culture and literature, which dramatically express the Turkish mindset, ideals and weaknesses. In many stories, what happened and what was intended to happen caused differences of opinion between the authority and the people. The people's submission to the authority and choosing the path of agreement ended the unrest, while the opposite situation caused the unrest to turn into conflict and paved the way for the authority to take stricter measures - hence the emergence of acts of violence. In this study, the elements of psychological violence in the narrative of Dirse Han Oğlu Boğaç Han will be analyzed in the context of the effect of the chaos that emerges with the disruption of the existing social order on individuals and the struggle of the heroes against this pressure.

Keywords: Dede Korkut Stories, Boğaç Han, psychological violence, chaos, social order.


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