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Bacon's art is like the summary of the disgusting, terrible, screaming, mad miserable human condition. His view of humanity and his indifference to life are implicit reflections of a helpless individual stuck between life and death, and in particular, his own abuses, choices or experiences. Even if it is considered only as a summary of his own life, the main material of his art is human. Sometimes, they are a portrait, sometimes they are a figure lying on a bed, sometimes they are humanoid beings that can be perceived as half-human and half-animal, or just piles of flesh covered in blood, stripped of their crow. They all reflect the mental state of an ostracized individual who was subjected to social lynching due to the sexual identity he had to hide during a significant period of his life, as a result of the traumas he experienced in his childhood and youth, and is like the neurotic expression experienced by a person trying to have his own identity accepted by the community he is a part of. This research, which is a summary of the overlap between art and life or how the artist's life is reflected in art, is an examination of the identity of the artist and the reality in his works through Bacon's paintings. It is aimed to understand and interpret Bacon's art in terms of the imaginary messages of the figures in his paintings and to contribute to understanding the new art of figuration painting of the twentieth century.

Keywords: Artistic Reality, Artistic Sources, Visual Representation of Human Condition, Overlapping of Life and Art



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