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In this study, the concepts of teacher and school were analyzed from the perspective of the society. A literature review was conducted on the subject, and a synthesis was created from the results of scientific studies. The factors affecting the public's perception of teachers and schools have been analyzed, and suggestions have been made on what needs to be done to regain the public's interest, which has been declining over time. The reasons why the teaching profession, which had an exceptional place among the layers of society in the past, and the schools, which are the places where this profession is practiced, have lost their former value today have been trying to be understood by examining the literature. The studies were carried out in the light of books written on the subject, published articles, and the data of the research conducted. At first, the concepts of school, teacher and perception were tried to be explained, then the relationship between society, school and teacher and the effect of culture on these relationships were examined,

  • What is the effect of society's value judgments on the perception of teachers and schools?
  • Is there a difference between education levels in the perception of school and teacher?
  • Do factors such as gender, economic status, social status, settlement, etc., have an effect on the change in the perception of schools and teachers in society?
  • In which direction does the change in perception develop?
  • What is the effect of mass media on the change in the perception of schools and teachers?
  • What is the effect of school administrations and teacher attitudes and behaviors on the development of negative perceptions?

Answers to these questions were sought. The change in society's perception of schools and teachers, which has generally developed in a negative direction, has been examined in terms of the attitudes of teachers and school administrators, the publications of media organizations, the spread of mass media, etc.   An analysis has been tried to be made on the change in society's perception of schools and teachers, the reasons for this change and its reflections on education.

Keywords: Social change, Perception concept, School perception, Teacher perception, Cultural differentiation


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