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Vakhtang INAURI

The work examines Shio Aragvispireli's novel "Cracked Heart", its genre specifics, artistic synthesis of fairy-tale and literary forms, relationship between love and art, prose passages, episodes depicted in fairy-tale aspects and artistic space.

Author's writing style revealed in the novel, artistic psychological narrative, originality of character drawing are discussed. Their character, mood and various interpretation of emotions are recorded. The fabulous, realistic and romantic faces created by this method, their visual and spiritual world are characterized.

The artistic symbolism of the musical bell created by Makhare Goldsmith and its artistic function from the development of the plot of the novel to the finale are analyzed, the ideological, fairy-tale and fantastic tendencies of the work are presented.

The structure of the novel has been studied, it is compositionally peculiar according to several fable included in it. The tale " Gooseherd shepherd,  a fable told by shepherds in the forest and others represent independent novels. The seven doors of the novel are connected by one main idea - the love of Eteri and Makhare.  Here, the high level of artistic  narrative of Shio Aragvispirelli appeared in full, whom we previously knew as a great master of small-form verbal art.

The artistic space depicted in the work is generally a country with a king. Time is correspondingly a feudal era. And the century and years are indefinite according to the novel, the writer does not specify this, because it is not necessary for a fairy tale.

Shio Aragvispirelli emphasized this strong feeling of love throughout the novel, in which he highlighted the character of not only Makhare, but also Eteri, King Nadira and Marekhi. This power is romanticized and elevated in the novel. In this regard, the most interesting face is Makhare.

Other characters are also interestingly drawn in the novel: Katsia Batoni, a goldsmith, a nanny or others. King Nadira's face is dim, he is not a complete person, he does not give the impression of a finished person even with his purposefulness.

The peculiarities of the conflict between good and evil, the difference between the traditions of the literary fairy tale and the folk tale are discussed.

Based on the discussion given in the work and the results of comparing the facts with each other, Shio Aragvispireli's "Cracked Heart" is the first fairy tale novel in Georgian literature of the 20th century                                                                                                   

Key words: fairy tale, call, Eteri,  Nadira, Irema.

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