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Türkan YİĞİT

According to Adler, the individual is selective and unique; she/he can make decisions and shape his life. With the hereditary factors in the formation of human behavior, the social stage, the interactions of the individual with his environment, and phenomenological interpretations in the interaction process are important. Adler’s theory emphasized that concepts like disability, sense of inferiority, social interest, and individual birth order affect the formation of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is known that the basic concepts of the theory contribute to the discipline of Social Work working with the individual, family, and society; theory is used when establishing therapeutic relations and offers a wide perspective in understanding human behavior. The benefit of working on a case study to better understand and evaluate the theory in vital events is undeniable. An analysis of the movie adapted from a real-life story is used as a case example as well as literary sources. Since Social Work as a multidisciplinary science is also intertwined with art, observing and interpreting the theory in depth through a film released in the cinema is possible. In the study, the cinema film was analyzed by the interpretation method from the perspective of Adler's Theory. The basic principles of the theory and the point of view of man have been conveyed through concrete events. In this study, the movie 'Talented Hands: The Story of Me Carson,' which is thought to be related to Adler's Theory in many ways and adapted from a real-life story, was analyzed and interpreted in terms of Adlerian perspective. The aim of the study is to present a different perspective towards understanding human psychology at the intersection of art and social work.

Key Words: Adler's theory, a sense of ınferiority, social ınterest, birth order, encouragement.

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