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Orhan Pamuk’s novel “Benim Adım Kırmızı” (My Name is Red) was published in Turkish Language in 1998. With this work, Pamuk won the "Prix du Meilleurlivreétranger" (2002) in France, the "Grinzane Cavour" (2002) in Italy and the "International Impac-Dublin" (2003) in Ireland. In "My Name is Red", the author explores the Ottoman and Persian illuminators and the ways of seeing and painting the non-Western world through the intrigue of a love and family novel.

Orhan Pamuk is the first Turkish writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. The fact that his works have been translated into many languages has led to his worldwide recognition. The author, who has also met Georgian readers with his books translated into the Georgian language, is one of the writers who is recognized in Georgia thanks to the translation and admired by Georgian readers. It is Lia Çlaidze who translated Orhan Pamuk's "My Name is Red" into Georgian.

Orhan Pamuk's books have been translated into about 63 languages, including English, German, Italian and French. Pamuk's books, which have been translated into Georgian and are still being translated, occupy an important place among modern Turkish writers. The fact that Georgian people love to read his books is also of particular importance for publishing houses.

The lexical elements expressing moral values in Orhan Pamuk's novel "My Name is Red", which is the subject of the study, will be given in tables together with the sentences in the source text (My Name is Red) and the sentences in the target text (მე წითელი მქვია). The lexical items expressing moral values in the work will be analyzed under two headings: positive and negative. The words identified by using the Georgian-Turkish dictionary are given with their word meanings. The words that cannot be found in the dictionary are given by using the electronic version of the Annotated Georgian Dictionary (განმარტებითი ლექსიკონი-ganmarṭebiti leksiǩoni).

Keywords: Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red, Turkish Language, Georgian Language, Morality.

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