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“Velâdet-i Hümâyun” is the name used for births that take place in the palace. When the birth was in the palace, the birth preparation and postpartum celebrations were also magnificent. All the ceremonies held in the Ottoman palace regarding the birth of the sultan's children were recorded in the book under the name of Velâdet-i Hümâyun ceremony. The news of the birth of the princes or sultans, who were members of the dynasty, was announced and gun and rifle shots were fired to inform the public. Since the preparation of the maternity room required a great and feverish preparation process, the valide sultan personally took care of them. Celebrations were greeted with great enthusiasm not only in the palace but also among the people. In fact, the effects of the entertainments on the public were looked at and they were extended for a few more days.

The tradition of keeping records, which is a part of the Ottoman state tradition, provides us with very important data in this regard. In this study, we will deal with the birth preparations based on the information in the TS.MA.d 974 numbered book. According to the information in this undated book, we will evaluate the goods and jewelery delivered to the harem for the Velâdet-i Hümâyun, the dresses made for the ladies, and the blessings and blessings given to the midwife and concubines. In this regard, the prenatal and postnatal preparations in the Ottoman Palace will be examined. When we look closely at the palace life, it is seen that weddings and births have a separate place. Especially when the Ottoman Palace is in question, this magnificence and pomp is in an eye-catching dimension. The cost of this preparation will be examined and an approximate cost will be calculated.

Keywords: Ottoman, Velâdet-i Hümayun, Harem, Faith, İhsan.

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