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Ferudun ATA

Triple Alliance criticized the Ottoman Empire on the grounds of sending the Armenians who collaborated with the enemy during World War I outside of the war field and requested punishment of those having responsibility for this issue. Further they increased the pressure on this subject and wanted to rush the implementation ofpunishment when they occupied İstanbul after Mondros Armistice. The Ottoman Empire could not resist against these pressures, with the idea of making a proper peace, and provided the prosecution of the directors ofthe Committee of Union and Progress performing the exile ofArmenians at the Martial Court (Divan-ı Harb-i Örfî) , an extraordinary court. However, this court worked at the request ofthe the Allies and the Unionist opponents instead of looking whether there is any element of a crime. The decisions of this court was extremely uncomfortable for the sense of community. Especially the trials during the periods of Grand Vizier Damat Ferit Pasha collected a very serious reaction for non-compliance with the rule oflaw. Although different people made the task of this court, Süleymaniyeli Mustafa Pasha, having positions such as membership and presidency, was known as “Nemrut Mustafa” because ofhis cruel practices. In this study, it is aimed to eliminate wrong ideas arising from incomplete knowledge in the process of being judged of Unionists or after being punished ofthem, by giving some examples which signifies that defendants are innocent.

Key Words: martial court, judgement, exile, Armenian

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