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In recent years, Iran Islamic Republic make people talk about itself with its enforcements, political system, ideology and strict foreign policy.The world public opinion is interested in mostly this country’s nuclear activities.Notably USA, Israel and west states object and doubt about Iran's nuclear activities. However, USA and other west states support the nuclear activities of Shah Regime which is a puppet of these countries, in fact they are in a competition with each other about this support. After Islamic Revolution in 1979 because of independent foreign policy which Iran pursued, it became the target of imperialist arms and its conciliatory nuclear activities became the West's target area. West states, under the leadership of USA, plan on daunting Iran with pressure, blackmail and embargo. In this action, from the beginning till today, this country's adventure is tried to observed.

Key Words: Nuclear weapon, Occupation, Suspicion, Security Imperialism, Embargo

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