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İsmail Emre ÖZKAN

Turks and Armenians have lived together for a long period of history in the same geographies, sometimes as friends and sometimes as enemies. The commercial and cultural relations of the Kipchaks, who settled in the Desht-i Kipchak region, with the Armenians is an example of this. Kipchaks accepted the Gregorian sect and this caused the appearance of the Kipchak Turkish texts with Armenian letters. As we know, there are numerous scientific researches to reveal true and false facts about this subject, as well as the causes prompting the Kipchaks to use the Armenian alphabet. In some scientific work have willingly or unwillingly been used Armenian Kipchaks or Kipchak Armenians terms, and the main topic of my article is define the correct term of this word citing archive materials. It will be helpful for researchers to refrain from the incorrect use of this term in their studies. I will enrich my work by using the manuscripts, which are valuable part of the literature of the Turkish speaking nations, different articles and publications, as we as articles written by my respected lecturers.

Key Words: Kipchak, Armenian, Dasht-i Kipchak, Kipchak Turkish with Armenian Letters, Gregorian Kipchaks

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