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İbrahim GÜL

Women have difficulties in being a manager and coming to the top management. In a way, they face career barriers. career barrier; It is a concept that is used to express the factors that prevent an individual from rising in working life and that do not originate from him. The aim of this study is to examine the opinions of women who are education workers about the glass ceiling syndrome in front of them being managers. The research is a qualitative study. With the purposeful sampling technique, principals and assistant principals working in Sinop constitute the study group of the research. A semi-structured interview form developed by the researchers was used to collect the research data. The data collected by the researchers using the interview technique were analyzed with descriptive and content analysis methods. As a result of the analysis, five themes were obtained. According to the research findings, female managers have seen the glass ceiling syndrome as a negative situation that affects the career development of women. They considered the most important reason for this as a male-dominated society. While the female administrators expressed that they were not taken into consideration as much as the men, they stated that the school administration used the feelings of the female administrators when appropriate. Although women managers admit that senior managers discriminate and women are successful, they stated that they are used in jobs that require visuals, but they do not participate in important decisions. The female administrators stated that they are not taken into consideration and that the parents who come to the school mostly prefer a male administrator as the addressee. Female managers reported that more men were preferred in the interviews and women managers were tried to be passive. It is recommended to apply merit-based selection system for the selection and assignment of education administrators.

Keywords: Education: Education Manager, Female Manager, Glass Ceiling Syndrome, Advancement

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