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Ali Rıza SAVAŞ, Ender AKYOL

The concept of ideology, first used by Destutt de Tracy as a science of thought, has been used by thinkers and different social segments in the process of historical development in such a way that it has different meanings and often has negative connotations along with Marx's evaluations. The word ideology is derived from two ancient Greek words. The words "idea" and "logie" were initially fused and the new conceptualization (defined as ideology, the science of thought) was questioned. When ideology appeared, it was understood as "the scientific investigation of thought." However, soon after, the object of study took over the administrative work in a dominant way, and due to the rapid change of meaning, it began to be used for the meaning of the ideological system itself. Ideology plays a role in determining how people live in the world and the process of their social relationships. Briefly, ideology determines the process of people's understanding of the world and conscious actions toward individuals. Issues such as ideology can publish statements about human nature and society and make various judgments, and can draw conclusions that this is a concept that contains value.. In the period after the Second World War, the existence of the concept, which marked the period of two hundred years since its emergence into the world political system, became debatable and many theses on the end of ideologies were put forward.

In our study on ideology, we tried to define a concept that is difficult to define and varies, and after the historical development process was put forward, some assessments were made on the end of ideologies.

Key words: İdeology, Destutt de Tracy, Marx, II. World War, The End of İdeologies

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