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Youth sociology has a dynamic structure in today's world. Just as young people are defined by their generations such as Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z, they are also tried to be understood through typologies and definitions such as try to understand them with definitions such as cool youth, crystal youth, internet youth, and Islamist youth. Hedonism, on the other hand, is a philosophical doctrine put forward in Antiquity and argues that pleasure should be made the main purpose of life. This teaching, which started with Aristippus, continued with Epicurus, and was continued in the Modern Age under the name of utilitarianism through Mill and Bentham. Hedonism is also discussed in Islamic moral philosophy. Contrary to the discourse of hedonism, it has been said that ethereal pleasures should be preferred over worldly pleasures, and pleasure is a means, not an end. Today, modernization, individualism and rationalism brought by modernization, capitalism and consumption culture brought by capitalism are seen as effective factors in the birth of the hedonist youth. Considering that the tendency of pleasure exists in today's youth, the subject of this study is youth and hedonism. The aim of the study is to conduct a hedonist youth typology study, which is a new youth typology experiment, and develop a scale suitable for this youth typology. In our study, the scale form of the quantitative research method and the documentation technique of the qualitative research method were used together. In this direction, the hedonism scale with 34 items we prepared was applied to 172 young individuals between the ages of 18-25 and who were university students. At the end of the study, a valid and reliable hedonism scale consisting of 23 items was developed.

Keywords: Youth Typology, The Hedonist Youth, Hedonism Scale, Generation Z, Sociology of Youth.

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