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Alpay BÜLBÜL, Burçin ÖLÇÜCÜ, Gamze AKYOL

The most important identity of individuals in society is their personality. The environment they influence and influence through their personality develops. Therefore, it has become popular today to study this complex phenomenon. In general, studies on sports and personality have been found to have a positive contribution to the personality development of the individual. Although it is predictable that recreational activities have a healing, enhancing and relaxing effect in individuals in a physical, psychological and social sense, it is known that they also make bodily characteristics more desirable. Based on this, the aim of the study conducted on a total of 240 sports elements is to analyze the level of awareness of recreational benefits and perceptions of body liking of athletes and physical education teachers through demographic variables. A study conducted using the relational screening method from quantitative research types looked at the level of regressive and correlational relations between scales, and the Kolmogorov Smirnov test showed that the scales did not have a normal distribution, and the Mann-Whitney test for two - level variables and the Kruskal-Wallis test for three-level variables were analyzed. Research results; it was concluded that both scales had a high level and positive relationship with each other in the same direction, that male and female sports elements had high levels of awareness of both scales, and that there was a significant difference between physical education teachers and the recreation benefit scale. Other findings are presented in detail in the discussion and Results section.

Key words: Body perception, Recreation, Athlete, Physical education teacher

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