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Bünyamin TETİK

There were always writers in Classical Turkish literature who were known as "şöhre-i şehr", which means well-known, and therefore, it is difficult to find their names in any biographical sources. Even if their names are mentioned, the source can give extremely limited knowledge. The manuscripts by these second part of poems were reproduced just in a few copies and their poems could survive in some magazines or books. The Mecmua (Collection of works) of Kasimi, the source text of this paper, is important because it contains and deals with some poets who do not have their own books. Tezkire helps to understand the periphery of Classical Turkish poetry as it includes poets in the southeast (especially Baghdad and Mosul) region of the Ottoman Empire.

Nazımi, the composer of poems in this paper, is not mentioned in any biographical sources; therefore, except for some predictions, his life is totally unknown. Only his three poems and one matla (first two lines of poem) written in three corpuses of nazire (reply in kind) are known. The seven poems recorded in the collection are important because the poems is the biggest literature about the poet.

In this paper, the poems which were labeled as the works of Nazımi, and not found in other collections or corpuses, will be transferred to transcription letters. The contents of the poems were evaluated in context and the literary personality and biography of the poet were tried to be enlightened. Besides, the possibility of confusion of his pseudonym with those known as Nazım will be evaluated and some new information will possibly be discovered as regards his poems. It was discussed that there is no information about why there is no information in the biographies written in the poet's period or later.

Keywords: Nâzımî, Mecmua of Kâsımî, Baghdad, Mecmua (Collected Works), Ghazel.

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