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Kenjegul KALİEVA

Throughout history, the Kyrgyz have interacted with different tribes in their geographies politically, economically, culturally and linguistically. Such interactions have enriched the vocabulary of Kyrgyz Turkic. There are many loanwords from Chinese, Sanskrit, Mongolian, Arabic, Persian and Russian in Kyrgyz Turkic. Until today, articles, dictionaries, and book chapters have been written within the framework of a general introduction about these loanwords. However, there are few studies on loanwords from Mongolian in Kyrgyz Turkic. According to the historical sources, the relationship between the Kyrgyz Turks and the Mongols took place in different centuries, and therefore the Mongolian loanwords were differently spreaded in dialects of Kyrgyz. According to the studies on the dialects of Kyrgyz Turkish in the 20th century the Mongolian loanwords are more common in the northern dialects of Kyegyz. Some of the Mongolian loawords are also identified in their original form in Southern dialects. It is possible to classify the loanwords as follow: kinship names, terms related to the body, names given according to the ages of the animals, medical terms, adjectives, verbs, etc. Early researches in Kyrgyzstan mainly were conducted on Mongolian borrowed toponyms. This article will focus on Mongolian loanwords starting with the letter –A- in Kyrgyz Turkic. These Mongolian loanwords determined from Yudahin's Kyrgyz-Russian dictionary, which published in 1965 and materials on the Kyrgz dialects. These loanwords were compared to neighboring Turkic languages ​​(Kazakh, Uzbek and New Uyghur) and in some cases to other Turkic languages.

Keywords: Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Kazakh, Uzbek, New Uyghur


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