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Traditionally known media such as radio, television, newspaper and magazine have a single-way communication structure. This feature of traditional media has undergone a transformation as a result of the developments experienced in communication technologies. New media defined as the general name of the web 2.0 based internet applications and means of communication such as mobiles, computers, tablets, digital games, social media networks and etc. have affected the communication characteristics of traditional media and moved it to a two-way dimension. In addition, with its feature of being “asynchronous” it has enabled the users to start and continue communication independent from time and space. Therefore, the individuals and the communities defined as passive audience against traditional media have transformed into the position of active users by means of new media. Stuart Hall states that representation is the builder of the meaning. Representation is not a concept emerging after the events but it is the main establishing element of the events. Therefore, it is quite significant that the events dealt on the media should be presented in the context of taking part and reality of the individuals. However the editorial communication way of traditional media has brought that important issue to a disputable position. New media allowing the users to create and enrich contents and enabling them to communicate via those contents has contributed to the creation of a more democratic atmosphere and has brought a new dimension to the discussions of representation in media. The study, built on the hypothesis of traditional media, is a representation problem and the new media could be used as an alternative platform at this point. The aim of the study is to examine the representation process in traditional media through literature review and to discuss how the new media can be used in this context. In this study none of the religions, languages, races and culture has been considered. A literature review has performed considering the “representation theory” suggested by Stuart Hall on representation of individuals and communities in traditional media. 20 studies were examined from national and international literature within this scope. As the result of the research it has been concluded that there is a representation problem in traditional media and the new media can be used as an alternative platform to overcome the problem.

Key Words: New Media, Traditional Media, Representation Theory


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