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Doğukan ÖZCAN

In this article, we aimed to study the subject of “Meskhetia and Meskhetians” in the light of “Mazur Gör Cüretimi” published in 2013 and written by a young author, Tinatin (Nergis) Bekadze. The main source of our study was “Ahıskaname” poem, which takes place at the first pages of the book. This poem, which mentions 230 villages of Meskhetia, is one of the most comprehensive written work that gives information about Meskhetia, its villages and properties, some customs, and historical people. In our study, we also made use of poems written about Meskhetia and its villages in the literature of Ahıskaname. Methods used in the study are as follows; initially, the full text in Ahıska magazine and in the book “Mazur Gör Cüretimi” was obtained. Then, additional data about anthroponyms, toponyms, and hydronyms whose names are mentioned in the poem were collected, and the subject was explained. In addition, individual interviews were conducted to get information about customs, and scientific resources were also referred. Studying the poem “Ahıskaname” including information such as History, Geography, Culture, Onomastic is important for the geography of Meskhetia and its culture.

Key Words: Mazur Gör Cüretimi, Ahıskaname, Saints of Istanbul, Şota Rustaveli, Knight with Tiger Skin. 

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