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Nilüfer AKA

Kemal Tahir, who regards himself a responsible intellectual in his literary life, acts with a clear conscious so as to contribute to the solution of social problems through his literary works. In addition to creating an ideal writer, he also bases his literary works and intellectual potential on a scientific structure in line with his personal aims. Therefore, while examining his works, focusing only upon his texts will be inadequate in attaining the essence of his themes. The strong bonds between the writer and his work are so apparent in the context of Kemal Tahir’s life and art. In the “Tired Warrior” by Kemal Tahir, the beginnings of National Struggle are dealt with through the hidden facts based on the adventures of the members of İttihat and Terakki party. In the novel, the rootless idealism of the members, who were active in those years, as well as the hard conditions of the struggle have been narrated. In this article, how the techniques in the novel contribute to the themes in this regard will be examined with a view to novel techniques.

Key Words: Kemal Tahir, Tired Warrior, Novel Technique, Structure, Theme

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