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Khatia Tsiklauri

The article presents the results of an empirical survey of the value systems of Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Armenian Apostolic Church, Muslims and Judaists. The survey is carried out by using Schwartz’s Survey questionnaire of values. Schwartz referred to the opinion that the difference between values is based on the types of motivational aims they express. The actions of each type has psychological, practical and social results, which could oppose or, on the contrary, compatible with each other and stimulate each other’s development. According to our hypothesis, every religion has a great influence on the formation of a person’s value system, which is reflected on one’s actions. The goal of our survey is to check up this hypothesis. The results have shown that the value system structure of the believers in God living in Georgia, the members of all five traditional religious groups, is coherent and compatible, and that it excludes motivational conflicts and correspondingly any development of psychological problems. Thus, the results obtained confirm the hypothesis that religion affects the formation of a person’s value system structure: religious people have coherent value systems, which hinder motivational conflict and, therefore, creation of disorientation.

Key Words: Georgia, Schwarz, Christianity, Islam, Judaism. 

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