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The presented paper underscores the enduring relevance of Joyce's works within the scientific literary community. The work meticulously reviews, analyzes and evaluates James Joyce's innovative narrative technique in close connection with modernist literature. The relevance of the issue raised in the paper is confirmed, first of all, by the fact that Joyce's trace in modernist literature remains one of the main centers of scientific literary studies. The primary reason of this is the powerful influence of Joyce's work on literary evolution. Concrete examples are used to show the innovativeness of Joyce's work and the literary methods by which the author deviated from the established literary standards. The work delves into the themes of Joyce's works, which revolved around alienation, dislocation, disillusionment, and existential issues Each of these issues are discussed from the perspective of the era, on the basis of which it was determined that modernism was a kind of reaction to the socio-political and cultural events of the 20th century. The work generally tries to bring the very innovative linguistic experiments that made Joyce's modernist literature. Joyce's modernist works such as "Ulysses" or "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" are full of radical departures from classical literary standards. His complex narrative techniques, including even stream-of-consciousness and linguistic experiments, continue to pose a significant challenge to the modern scientific community, whose research focuses on the limits of literary expression and the inherent possibilities in language.

Key Words:  alienation, dislocation, disillusionment, existential, epiphany, symbolism, stream of consciousness

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