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Turkey switched to a multi-party system after the General Elections of May 14, 1950. The Democratic Party won the elections in 1954 and 1957 and remained in power for ten years. In the elections held in 1950, 1954 and 1957, the Democratic Party won deputies from almost every province. The Democrat Party showed the same success in Niğde as it did throughout the country, winning all of Niğde's deputies in the 1950 and 1954 elections. Hasan Hayati Ülkün was among the deputies elected as Niğde MP from the Democratic Party in the 1954 elections. Hasan H. Ülkün served in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) as Niğde MP between 1954 and 1957. In the 1957 elections, Hasan H. Ülkün was elected as an MP for Nevşehir and again served in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Hasan H. Ülkün was a member of the Justice Commission and Library Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey while he was Niğde MP. Hasan H. Ülkün fulfilled his duties and responsibilities for his nation and country. Hasan H. Ülkün has endeavored to find solutions to the country's local and national problems by bringing the complaints and demands of the people to the Parliament's agenda. Hasan H. Ülkün took the floor in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on issues such as Public Works, Education, Economy, Agriculture and Health, submitted parliamentary questions and proposed laws.

As a result of the examination and research conducted among Niğde MPs, it was seen that Hasan H. Ülkün was intensively active in the Parliament during his term as Niğde MP. For this reason, this study has been prepared to show Hasan H. Ülkün as an example and to reveal his work as a Niğde MP. In this research article, Hasan H. Ülkün's life is first mentioned, then his activities in the Parliament are discussed, and finally, a general evaluation is made. In this study, Hasan H. Ülkün's parliamentary activities are given in chronological order. Academic studies, archival sources and TBMM minutes were evaluated in this study in which the document analysis method was used.

Keywords: Democrat Party, Election, Hasan Hayati Ülkün, Parliament, Deputy etc.



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