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During our childhood years, there is no one who hasn't been asked the questions "What will you be when you grow up?" and "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Each of us has given different answers to this question based on what we learned from our families, what we heard from our surroundings, and what we watched. However, the number of people whose answer to this question asked during their childhood matches the profession they pursue later in life is very small. Profession has a feature that fundamentally affects an individual's lifestyle and the course of his entire life. Choosing a profession affects whether people can be successful individuals in their lives, the characteristics of the environment they will live in, their choice of spouse, their income, social status, and level of economic welfare. It is of great importance in determining whether the employee enjoys his job or not, and depending on all these, his professional competence, job success, job satisfaction, depression and burnout levels, and therefore whether he is generally satisfied and happy with life. This study was carried out to examine the contribution of Blue Swallow Children's Magazine, which is published by the Green Crescent for primary school children, to vocational guidance services. Documentation (document scanning) and descriptive analysis methods, which are among the qualitative research methods, were used as data collection tools in the study. As a result of the research, the magazine has a content that will help primary school children to have sufficient knowledge about almost every profession and to choose the most suitable profession according to their abilities and interests, the magazine follows the innovations of the age in profession promotion, and the magazine has a content that will help them to have sufficient knowledge about almost every profession and to choose the most suitable profession according to their abilities and interests. It has been determined that current information is tried to be conveyed to children in an appropriate language and with appropriate content, and it has been concluded that Green Crescent Blue Swallow Children's magazine can be an additional resource that can be used by meeting the needs in the context of vocational guidance.

Key Words: Vocational Guidance, Children's Magazines, Career Choice, Developmental Stages, Yeşilay and Mavi Kırlangıç.

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