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Sibel Bülbül PEHLİVAN

When the security policies of Saudi Arabia between 2000-2010 and 2010-2020 are examined, it can be seen that although there is no change in the internal threats to the Saudi Arabian Regime, there has been a change and transformation in its external threats. Therefore, although the internal threats are the same, in the alliance relations it has formed to balance the internal threats with the interrelated external threats, the interrelated external threats and the main threat have changed. In this case, it shows us that state behavior and alliance relations are constantly re-established as instant security measures. Threats, which are also seen as the dynamic structure of the international system, and the change in alliance relations necessitate a multifaceted approach for regional powers. This is also due to the features of Saudi Arabia such as the monarchical state structure, the competing allegiencies of the people, and the fact that it is a rentier state. For societies where the security of the regime is more important and prioritized than the security of the state due to internal threats, it should have multi-layered factors to ensure their security, because of their local characteristics. For Saudi Arabia, these factors consist of internal threats, an external threat interrelated with an internal threat, and regional and global threats. This situation gives rise to the omni-balancing strategy, which means that Saudi Arabia forms alliances with foreign powers interrelated to its internal threats and balances internal and external threats with each other. In cases where omni-balancing is not possible, various reforms, social assistance and cooperation initiatives come into play.

Keywords: Saudi Arabia, regional power, security strategy, omni-balacing strategy, internal and external threats.


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