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Known human history encompasses a long and large area evaluated in the process that has come up to today with the invention of the writing. Many different elements in this area have made various effects in order to shape this historical structure. Today, known as social sciences and within the culture, language, literature, art, politics, philosophy, such as the field of many structures, such as human history is the main point of examination. From this point of view, various studies have been carried out to examine these elements which help the development of societies in detail. Universities are also an important institution in terms of the systematic progression of these studies and the training of new individuals. From the historical structure of the area of folklore, the idea of a systematic progress from the nineteenth century is dominant. In this respect, it would be useful to examine the history, present and future of folklore in Turkish universities, which can be regarded as a young branch of Science, and to see the relationship between folklore and Social Sciences. The presence of this area, which has become a new section in Turkey for the first time, in universities as a separate branch or branch, includes a half-century process. In this paper we will examine how this process has progressed as well as what situation can occur in the future. In the Universities of Turkey, the status of the Departments of Folklore/Turkish Folklore will be discussed and the question of how the folklore is influenced and what kind of future innovations can be made.

Key Words: Foklore, University, Turkish Language And Literature, Folk Literature, Turkey.



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