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The tourism industry appears as a socio-economic phenomenon that can solve many economic problems facing the country. Employment remains an acute national problem in Georgia, the development of the tourism industry has a directly proportional effect on this indicator of economic importance. The level of quality of tourism products and services largely depends on labor capital. A significant problem in the hospitality sector is the lack of skilled labor, especially in the recovery from the pandemic. The paper describes the assessment of the current situation in the labor market, the needs and problems of the tourism sector, and the issue of demand and supply of tourism professions. The purpose of the study was to analyze the dynamics of the employment market, to reveal the professional skills demanded by employers on the human capital skills. Study of difficulties related to filling vacancies. Education and the achieved level as the main criterion for employment in the tourism sector and determining the compliance with the required skills in the labor market, identifying the reasons for unfilled vacant positions, identifying existing challenges and formulating individual recommendations. In order to present the problem in a complex way, within the framework of the research, three categories of subjects were distinguished: employers, existing official sites offering jobs and the field of education. The identified manpower shortage is caused by various aspects such as environmental change and even deeper roots such as the education system. Qualitative, quantitative, qualitative, statistical analysis methods were used in the research process. The research itself included the processing of existing literature, the search for statistical data with the direct help of the National Statistical Service of Georgia, the use of various employment sites, conducting surveys and interviews, sorting and quantitative analysis of the retrieved data.

Keywords: Labor Market, Employment, Tourism Industry, Problems, Challenges, Quality of Service.

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