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Among the intellectual and creative forces of the Tskhinvali region of the second half of the 19th century and the end of the 20th century, the personality of Ivane Eliozishvili occupies a prominent place. In the history of Georgian culture and Georgian journalism, his name stands out together with brothers - Davit and Nikoloz Avalishvili.

Nikoloz Avalishvili, upset with the "Tsiskri" group, starts thinking about his own periodical publication. The young activist gathers like-minded people around him, who criticize the team of "Droeba" already existing at that time, refer to "Tsiskari" as a dead publication and believe that after the closure of "Sakartvelos Moambe" society needs a "regular Georgian magazine". (Mnatobi, 1869a).

Although the idea of ​​founding one's own magazine was interesting, in addition to motivation, it was necessary to find financial resources, without which Nikoloz Avalishvili's initiative would have remained only a dream. Two figures, Nikoloz Avalishvili's brother - Davit Avalishvili and Ivane Eliozishvili, were the guarantors of financial support for the magazine, which was still in its infancy.

Davit Avalishvili dedicated his own house to the editorial office and printing house of "Mnatobi" magazine, organized a printing house at his own expense, and his companion Ivane Eliozishvili became the guarantor of the financial security of the magazine. This was even reflected on all issues of "Mnatobi", where it is written together with the editor - "Publisher Iv. Eliozishvili". It should be noted that with this fact, for the first time in the history of Georgian journalism, different persons were recorded as editors and publishers.

According to Prof. Al. Kalandadze, Iv. Eliozishvili participated in setting up a printing press, managed economic affairs and was legally responsible before the government. It must be said that none of the above-mentioned persons had any material interest in this case, they used Georgian literature free of charge and were ready to systematically cover the inevitable losses. (Kalandadze, 1986: 9)

Iv. Eliozishvili actively cooperated in his contemporary periodical press and tried not to ignore any important problem, especially if it concerns his native corner - Tskhinvali and its surrounding villages.

Keywords: Tskhinvali, Samachablo, journalism, culture, education.

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