Serhat ŞEKER

Electronic marketing is among the most important elements brought to businesses by the modern world and digital age. Through electronic marketing, all small-large businesses, all brands can operate globally, regardless of the area of activity. Shopping platforms in virtual environments and all online websites available to consumers have now become the largest market in the world. The tourism sector has also been adapted to electronic marketing practices during the process, and hospitality businesses and restaurants, especially travel agencies operating within the industry, have started to reach out to tourists through various applications on online platforms. The purpose of the study in this context is both to make purchasing decisions in tourism and to determine the impact of electronic marketing elements on the decisions of tourists who spend their holidays in Istanbul regarding their holidays. In the study, the survey work was conducted on participants, and the data was analyzed in IBM SPSS Statistics v22. According to the study results, participants appear to be impressed with the services that the visited places offer, the technological possibilities they have, social media, image, digital recognition, and online sales opportunities. However, it is observed that 53% of respondents preferred to go on holiday with their family, 83%" went on domestic holiday and 82% preferred to spend their holidays in summer. It was also found that 38.5% of respondents allocated the budget of TL 5000 or more for their holidays, 55% vacationed one time a year, 52% visited the Aegean region during their holidays, and oriented more towards maritime tourism (59.7%). When examining the factors affecting holiday decisions, the option "My easy access to information about swimming facilities affects my preference" (4,277) is attracted attention as the most preferred variable. The participants pay attention to the information about the service quality, which can be understood from the fact that the option “The fact that I can easily access information about the service quality through the WEB site affects my preference” (4,213) is preferred more frequently than the others.

Keywords: Electronic Marketing, B2C, Tourism Marketing, Purchasing Decisions in Tourism