Cappadocia; Pontos in the north, Lycaonia and Galatia in the west, Cilicia in the south and Armenia Minor in the east. The region has an important place due to the presence of the Cilician Gates where Mesopotamia and Anatolia are connected. Tyana is an important city in the region due to its location. The city has been called by different names by different civilizations over time. The name of the city is known as Tuwanuwa in the Hittite Age, Tuwana in the Late Hittite Period, Dana the Persians and Hellenes, Tyana in the Roman period, Kilisehisar in the Ottoman period and Kemerhisar in the Republic period. Another important issue for the city is that it is the place where the famous philosopher Apollonius was born. The importance given to the city increased during the Severus Dynasty in the Roman Imperial Age. The most important reason for this increase was the admiration of Iulia Domna and Septimius Severus to Apollonius of Tyana. Consequently, his son Caracalla was also interested in Apollonius. Especially during the reign of Emperor Caracalla carried out various reconstruction activities in the city. Aqueducts, Roman Pool and Roman Baths were built in various functions. The Roman Bath is located to the south of the ancient city. The water of the bath was collected in the Roman Pool near the mound known as Köşkhöyük in the northeast of the city and was brought to the city through aqueducts built towards the city and provided through the trunks. Therefore, the architectural fragments of the at hare dated to the Severus period, that is to the 3rd century AD.

Keywords: Cappadocia, Tyana, Bath, Caracalla, Apollonius of Tyana