he epics that provide traces of the past of human beings have an important place in the elements of folk literature. Elements of folk literature are important values ​​of a nation.
The epic which is one of the elements of folk literature is of great importance. The epic has the characteristic of a national code because it is the creator of a nation's culture. The Epics, which offer traces of a nation's past life, make the self-identity of the nation to which it belongs, as well as a historical value, recognized. Besides all these important values, epics are the shaper of the next generation of that nation. The generation that knows, recognizes and acts according to its roots through the elements of folk literature, will also ensure that the nation / society to which it belongs is not forgotten. Usually epics are folklore or literary treatment of heroic myths, legends and fairy tales. Often epic poems do not have an author (collectors of ancient epics did not realize themselves as the authors of what was written). The narration is conducted on behalf of the narrator-real or fictional narrator, observer, participant or hero of the event.The Kazakh epic of Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu's epos carry traces of the ancient life traditions beliefs and myths of the Turks. The Kazakh Turks  Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu is an epic of love coming from ancient times and is also a kind of epic that is very common among Kazakh Turks. This epic one of the love stories an enduring struggle ends with the attainment of lovers. The power of the struggle is measured by the value that is believed and given to that thing. In this work will be analysed the epic Kozy Korpesh Bayan Sulu.

Key Words: Hero, Struggle, Myth, Epic, Maturation