The behaviors that are important in the formation of the identities of societies are the elements of cultural cultural treasures such as customs and traditions, conservative and customs, festivals and ceremonies. The behaviors of the ones in subjects such as birth, childhood, circumcision, marriage, death are among the elements of cultural treasures. As well as cultural treasures that provide information about the cultural characteristics and identities of all societies, the beliefs, rituals, histories and guards of Kazakh Turks. Social practices are one of the most important values ​​that bear traces of the identity of the society. One of these social practices is circumcision ceremonies. Every nation has its own folk culture and motherhood. It is clear that circumcision ceremonies and other folk elements are performed in different styles. The tradition of circumcision originated in Arab countries as a religious tradition and later spread to other countries that were Muslim. During this spread, each nation adopted this tradition according to their economic manifestations and according to their way of life.The Kazakh Turks are one of the nationalities who take this tradition according to their own cultural life and realize it.

Kazakh Turks have taken the tradition of circumcision according to their living conditions. The fact that the Kazakh Turks lived a nomadic life in the past periods of history also differed in the realization phase of this tradition. However, some changes and additions emerged after these settlements. In this study, it is tried to explain in detail the equivalent of this tradition in Kazakh Turks under the title of Circumcision Ceremony in Kazakh Turks.

Keywords: Social Practices, Kazakh Turks, Circumcision, Tradition, Folk Culture