The thoughts that no one can say boldly about the end of art, but are sometimes said to be implicit or implied, raise some questions. The idea that art, which is an effort of human self-creation, ends or will end is an unpleasant prophecy. What is the basis for the ideas raised within this context? The questions posed by the idea of the end of art are: does art, which is peer to human, has really come to an end or is the idea of the end of art a reality beyond prophecy? These kinds of questions are not the first time asked when the development process of art is examined.  Whenever humanity has experienced a confusion especially in the face of technological innovations, the art that had to redefine itself entered such deep identity crises. In order to provide satisfactory answers to the above questions, it is necessary to know the postmodern perception that the world today is based on. Accordingly, it is important to determine how the human is processed, in which position it is seen, what role is played in the cultural structure, in the developing new world design. In addition to the technological developments, technical innovations and transformations brought by the tools, the paths and methods followed by both corporate and external art events should be taken into account. It is not easy to say that anything has ended, died or was born or resurrected. In this respect, theoretical answers were sought for the above questions by connecting with the thought patterns that art was accepted as autonomous, original and most importantly elitist in the past and taking into account the cultural, social and economic structure of the postmodern world, the extremely wide limits enforced by technology, and the production forms and functions of art, in this article.The implication revealed as a result of the discussion is that the most important factor that will determine the future of art is human as in previous periods  and the attitude that the artists will take will determine the result.             

Keywords: Death of Art, Postmodernism, Technology, Originality, Future of Art