Georgian Democratic Republic Government sent ambassador to Ankara on December, 27 in 1920 after the Russian Empire dissolved on May, 26, 1918.

In the study, the reports sent to foreign ministry in Georgia by Georgian Democratic Republic Ankara ambassador called S. Mdivani were discussed.

The reports give information on the travel made between Tiflis and Ankara on 06 February in 192. The journey started on 27 December in 1920 and ended on 31 January in 1921. Foreign minister of Ankara Bekir Sami Bey accompanied Georgian embassy through the journey. The fact that the journey took a long time stemmed from the rough road and broken down cars. S. Mdivani expressed his thanks to Bekir Sami Bey and wrote that they were welcomed by the local government and representatives of Ankara government. According to S. Mdivani, the building of Georgian ministry was located outside the borders of Ankara and the activities were conducted favourably those days. Mdivani wrote in the reports dating 10.02.1921 about the government policy. According to him, all the officers, generals, mayors were appointed by Ankara government but the policy was still Ottoman. The writer also mentioned the national pact and national struggle. To him, the reason for the inability of national struggle was that the railway of Anatolia was being kept by allied powers. That is why, the national struggle was centered in Erzurum and Sivas firstly. In the report, it is also written about the reason of conflict among the leaders of national struggle and government and the attitude of public towards the national struggle, the activities of leaders and the authorities of other leaders which affected their performance. In the report, Enver Pasha’s activities on Moscow and the contact between Bolshevik government and Ankara are reflected. The acceptance of the treaty of Sevres by Istanbul government was considered as an unproductive act in the report. Also, S. Mdivani mentioned that England and Italy disengaged their soldiers in Anatolia and the allied power support for Armenia and Greece. He talked about Grand National assembly of Turkey and representatives’ political biases.

The documents dating 1830 are Svimon Mdivani’s political review about Russia, Poland and Turkey. In the document he widely surveys the issues of diplomatic relations between Poland and Turkey.

Key words:  Georgia, Ankara, S. Mdivani, Samsun, Trabzon