Abdulsamet YAMAN

Globalization is one of the concepts used frequently in recent years. The scientists have been done different views about emergence of globalization and definition of globalization also, it is true that on ever expanding process of globalization. In particular accelerated the development of the mass media globalization, economic, social, political and cultural influence throughout the world by winning a dimension. One of the most obvious is the culture of the domain. Culture, incorporates language, religion, customs, traditions, items such as art. Each of these items, especially culture, was significantly influenced by the globalization process. When we look at the globalization process, it is seen that cultural elements are affected both positively and negatively. In this study, the concept of globalization is given in general and the concept of globalization is examined. After that, the positive and negative effects of globalization on the local culture were tried to be mentioned. In addition, information is provided to protect local values.

Keywords: Globalization, globalization process culture, local culture, global culture