As the Turks and Turkish history are mentioned in Egypt, a period of a little longer than a thousand years comes to mind. The Turkish sovereignty, which began with the Tulunids, continued with the Mamluk and Ottoman states for centuries. Turks played an important role in Egypt's political and cultural life. During this period, many cultural heritage remained from the Turks. However, the remaining heritage could not be revealed enough. Turkish manuscripts are scattered around libraries all over the World and in particular to Turkey libraries. For the last 100 years, cataloging of manuscripts in these libraries has been done and continues to be done. Thanks to these studies, lists of cultural, literary and scientific works belonging to Turkish history are revealed and the dark points of history are illuminated thanks to scientific studies on these works.   In this article, Turkish manuscripts in the manuscript library linked to the Egyptian al-Azhar Sheikhdom (Mashhiyat al-Azhar) will be introduced. In this library is the second largest library in Egypt after the National Library. Turkish manuscripts in the library are included in the 'Lugat al-Sharqiyah' collection. Lugat al-Sharqiyah collection consists of Turkish and Persian manuscripts. There are 431 volumes of works in the collection, which consists mostly of Turkish works. In the article, about 193 Turkish works; information such as work title, author name, catalog numbers is given. The works called 'Mecmua' and Persian manuscripts are beyond the scope of this article.

Keywords: Azhar Mosque, Library of Azhar Sheikh, Egypt, Turkish manuscripts, Manuscripts