Urfa Great Mosque is located in the historical vicinity of the city centre. The exact date of construction is not known as the building has no epigraph about its patron or constructor. The courtyard on the north side of the mosque has its cemetery on the northwestern side. There are a total of 127 graves in the cemetery and most of the graves have reached a solid day. It was observed that the graves in the cemetery usually date backlate 19th and early 20th centuries. In our paper, the ornaments, varieties, materials and techniques seen in the graves and grave stones of Urfa Great Mosque Cemetery were examined and compared with the ornaments of grave stones in other historical cemeteries in Urfa. As a result of these evaluations, we tried to reveal the place and importance of the ornamentation seen in Urfa Great Mosque Cemetery grave stones within Urfa historical grave stones.

Keywords: Urfa, Great Mosque Cemetery, cemetery, grave, grave stone, ornamentation.