Mustafa ERGÜN

The appreciation of the real estate, which is an investment tool, is becoming an important issue for the investors. In this study, it is aimed to create a real estate value map of Tepebaşı district of Eskişehir. The type of real estate used in the study is residence and it is aimed to create a map of the value increase of the houses that are taken for investment purposes. However, it is another important purpose of the study to determine how much the value of an increase in the value of a residential investment has been earned. In this study, in order to calculate the value increase gains for the investment houses in the Eskişehir province Tepebaşı district, the characteristics of these houses and the locations were determined by the Delphi technique based on the expert opinion. After determining the properties and locations of the houses, value increase gains were calculated from sales prices subject to sales contracts in the relevant period. The results were mapped by ArcGIS, a geographic information system program, and the map of the value increase of the investment houses in the district was generated. As a result of the study, the increase in value gains are determined as; In Bahçelievler neighborhood, 86.10%; In Eskibağlar neighborhood, 69.7%; in Yenibağlar neighborhood, 55.6%; In Gulluk neighborhood, 65.35%; in the Sütlüce neighborhood, 48.5% and in the Şirintepe neighborhood, 45.5%. None of the neighborhoods where the investment residences are located had a decrease in value. However, when investors prefer residences in the neighborhood of Bahçelievler, Güllük, Eskibağlar and Yenibağlar neighborhoods, it is revealed that they can achieve a higher value increase gain compared to Sütlüce and Şirintepe neighborhoods.

Keywords: real estate investments, value increase, real estate appreciation map, geographic information systems, Delphi method