İsmail Gaspırali belongs to an intellectual circle shaped by dynamic ideas in line with the soul of the period. By reflecting his ideas through the influence of the period he lived in, the author also presents the ignorance and lack of knowledge among the people as a narrator. Therefore, he employs a dynamic presentation of the characters in his narratives. As his narratives are based upon idea and character development (the protagonist in particular), the main line of narration is presented stylistically through developmental caharacteristics of both the persons and themes. In this regard, the main focus of his narratives is the character development, which underlines his stylistic approach. Instead of the randomly employed characters, other characters evolving around the protagonist form the main starting point of motivation. A comprehension made through the protagonist, naely Molla Abbas, is of great importance for the deep understanding of the texts. In this study, which aims to analyse the formation of characters and the author, the characters in Frengistan Mektupları, Darürrahat Müslümanları, Sudan Mektupları, Kadınlar Ülkesi and Molla Abbas Fransevî’ye Tesadüf: Gül Baba Ziyareti by İsmail Gaspıralı will be examined together with the values presented in the fictive style.

Key Words: İsmail Gaspıralı, Character Formation, Protagonist, Molla Abbas, Norm Character